"Thank you, Amy, for your

      wonderful spirit,

      energy, and glorious

      use of humor!" California


"I appreciate that Amy was able to give me a new perspective on the grieving process. She displayed much insight and knowledge of the nature of loss and the way in which it affects each individual uniquely.  Your energy and sincerity made the workshop enjoyable.  Thank you!"

Nicholas Vaughn, MSW, LSW 

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"You did an awesome job today!  My team liked your presentation and you!  We all liked your teaching style."

Thomas Claflin

Chief, Employee Education and Development, HRMS

(VA Healthcare System)

"Our trainer, Amy, was awesome...the day passed quickly."    Washington

"It offered valuable insight and information...."   Wisconsin

"Your energy and sincerity made the workshop enjoyable."    Ohio

"Thank you, Amy, for your wonderful spirit, energy and glorious use of humor!"    California

"The last speaker of the day is a tough spot.  But you kept their attention with your upbeat personality.  I hope you will come back next spring."   Ohio

"You were great.  I appreciated what you had to say. Thank you!"   New York

"Training was excellent... was a beautiful model...."  Indiana

"One word: touched!"    Ohio

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Amy L. Billa, MA, LSW

Amy has traveled the United States facilitating workshops about grief and end of life.   Her extensive professional experience spans hospice, behavioral healthcare, court investigations, and education. Her workshops and presentations are memorable, bringing authenticity and humor.  Engaging participants' minds and hearts with relevant information while using various methodologies are trademarks of her facilitation style.   She is an approved State of Ohio independent CE Provider and is skilled at engaging clinical and non-clinical participants alike.

After working as an EMT in an emergency room decades ago, to her work in courts, mental health, and schools, Amy has had personal and professional life-changing experiences with death and grief.  Time with a dying Vietnam veteran who was at risk of dying alone in this world is just one example.  Years ago she designed and built a grassroots vigil program, which still serves the dying today.  She went on to help others do the same in Washington, California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana.  It is a privilege to assist strangers and friends alike with learning techniques to serve the dying.  

Amy has come alongside healthcare providers in Florida, Michigan, Ohio, New York, and Indiana to provide education about grief and loss.  She has assisted business leaders from the Midwest to the South after the sudden death of students and employees and has been trained in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM.)   With a Master Degree in Counseling and licensed as a social worker, she is skilled with large groups as well as intimate conversations about death and loss: affects on individuals, schools, industry and faith communities.     

Imperative to Amy and those assisting her behind the scenes: 

1.  Integrity and building relationships with intention. 

2.  Exceeding expectations with each workshop and presentation. 

3.  Increasing education and awareness regarding unresolved loss and end of life issues.

The mission of GriefLossEducation is to come alongside the healers of our society with education about grief and loss; 

provide volunteers and professionals with unique strategies for holding the sacred space around those at risk of dying alone; 

and equip those in need with meaningful response to unresolved grief and end of life matters.

“I have been in human services, hospice, and social services for almost 3o years. This presenter is very knowledgeable, competent and gives the attenders excellent information and practical experience they can use for their field of service. I highly recommend these presentations to any organization or group.”

 Dave M., Human Service Case Manager and Hospice Chaplain

Online workshop attendees, 2018:

"She said everything so beautifully."

"Her metaskills were incredible--I want her by my bedside when I am dying."

"Amazing job of capturing something you cannot put into words."

Helping a Business After the Sudden Death of an Employee...

"...Chief Operating Officer, said that after reaching out to Amy Billa, "She helped me understand how to handle everything.  She then stayed all day and spoke to employees...."  She added that Billa "also helped plan a memorial service that employees could attend to help them through the grieving process...she will help me understand the best time to post for the open position...."  She noted that in addition to helping people through the grieving process, Billa works closely with a business' management team to maintain productivity and morale." 

2015 Richland Source Newspaper (excerpt)