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Examples of Past Events:

"One Day One Life : Serving Those At-Risk of Dying Alone"

Discover the difference one day can make for those dying in our nation's nursing facilities, many of whom are at-risk of dying alone.

Program participants learn how to enhance their skills for entering and holding the sacred space around the actively dying.  With two levels of intensity, One Day One Life is available as a half-day or whole-day program.  Participants receive certification upon successful completion.   

One Day One Life is an effective method of committing your time for just one day to drastically impact the life of one dying person.  

This dynamic program is designed for hospice professionals*, volunteer groups, individuals, and organizations who already have the desire and calling to vigil with the dying.   Participants learn techniques and thought-provoking considerations for doing this work with intention.   

From the same family?  One Day One Life has a version specifically for family groups wanting to learn more about manageable round-the-clock vigiling at the deathbed of a loved one.  This family version has an optional unit especially for children who want to be involved with the vigil. 

Join the movement of death doulas, vigil volunteers, 

and holistic practitioners who have servant hearts for 

those facing death alone.

* (CEU's are available.)

"Soul Injury: Liberating Unmourned Loss and Unforgiven Guilt"

Comments from a recent "Soul Injury" participant: 

“Well explained. Useful. Eye opening. Stories shared supported subject matter and helped grasp understanding. Thank you!”

(Visit Our "Soul Injury" page for Additional Information) 

This program is for those who have been affected by trauma, grief, war, natural disasters, and abuse, as well as the professionals who serve this population.  "Soul Injury" is also helpful to loved ones of this group of survivors.  Visit our Soul Injury page for program description.

Contact us to find out how this program can be offered at no charge to your organization.  (CEU's available.)

Vietnam Veterans of America Buckeye State Council

(State Convention 2018)

Our military veterans have overcome and live with unspoken trauma.  They are an example of the human spirit going forward despite the deepest losses.  Amy presented at this year's State Convention and is committed to furthering V.V.A.B.S.C.'s portion of their mission which encompasses "promoting physical and cultural improvement, growth and development, self-respect, self-confidence and usefulness of Vietnam Veterans  and all other Veterans."   Contact us if your organization is interested in a Keynote or other presentation on behalf of those who have served our country.

"Empowering Employees After Loss" 

How might your organization improve response to employees when they return to work after a death?   Wellness initiatives are not complete without meaningful leadership response to workplace grief.  We have provided presentations to Leadership Development groups with objectives such as preparing managers and leaders to empower employees after a loss, awareness of contemporary grief theory and models, strategies for dealing with an employee's bereavement period, and minimizing revenue loss from grief-related changes in performance.     Find out how loss in the workplace affects your organization's finances and morale and why relying on sending an employee to EAP services is usually not the right answer.   Call us to discuss providing your group with the program  Empowering Employees After Loss.  (CEU's available.)

"I found her advice, knowledge of research, and experience in dealing with an employee passing to be the most helpful. As an employer, you need to make sure you handle everything correctly."

Nicole W., Chief Operating Officer for a healthcare organization

"When Priorities Shift After a Loss"

Civic organizations and faith-based groups typically request this presentation.   This event involves discussion about the changes to our physical, social, and emotional priorities after the death of a loved one.   Whether grief is from the loss of a child, spouse, sibling, or dear friend, this program is designed to foster awareness and reflection about our changing priorities and acceptance of personal transitions during bereavement. 

“Cultural and Spiritual Differences Surrounding Death and Grief”

 Members of the same family often have different spiritual views surrounding death.  Some cultures support loud and demonstrative mourning while some families choose to have a structured public memorial and allow only immediate family members to attend the funeral.  Why do some people tend to "get busy" after the death of a loved one while others are "stuck" in the numbness?  How can our community become more aware of the spiritual and cultural differences surrounding death in our own city or region?  While this training will intentionally steer clear of doctrinal discussion, the presentation will increase participants' awareness of a variety of common cultural practices regarding mourning and bereavement periods.  This event will give concrete and relevant information meant to help the individual and the larger community with enhancing our understanding of how we approach death and grief.    

CEU’s for Nurses, Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Funeral Directors.

Who should attend: Funeral directors, mental health clinicians, civic leaders, healthcare providers, clergy, nursing facility staff, anyone who would like to increase their knowledge regarding different spiritual and cultural views of death and grief.

Veterans & Unresolved Loss

Our Vets and their loved ones face unique challenges after military deployment.   Unresolved grief, complicated by sleep disorders, brain injuries, and PTSD, make many vets' situations misunderstood and difficult to bear.  Amy has been privileged to give presentations to Veteran Support Groups involving service members who served in OEF, OIF, and Vietnam.   If you are a veteran or an organization serving military members and veterans, please contact us to discuss a presentation designed specifically for your group.  Ask about special workshops designed for loved ones of veterans.  

"Children & Grief: Strategies for the Journey"

CEU’s available for nurses, social workers and counselors.  CEU's are also available through the Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.

Children often have a grief response to loss from abuse, family displacement and death of a loved one.  Children who experience a significant loss often struggle with grief into adulthood.  This event will explore how children of different developmental stages respond to grief and present techniques for serving grieving children ages 6 through 17.   This workshop will engage participants’ minds and hearts while enhancing knowledge and strategies in working with children affected by grief and loss. Healthcare providers, clergy, teachers, and child protective services professionals are encouraged to attend.

Learn More

 Objectives will include: enhancing knowledge of contemporary grief theory; increasing skills in working with children who have experienced a significant loss; and improving understanding of how grief affects social and familial relationships, school performance and well-being.   

"Young Adults & Grief: 

Awareness & Strategies for Colleges"

Did you know close to a third of college students will experience a significant loss during their first years of college?

How do we assist students during this difficult period and protect their academic and professional livelihoods?

How do universities and colleges decrease chances of grief-related withdrawals?

One University Administrator's comment after a half-day presentation: 

"Wow, this really needed to be given an entire day...this was great information!"  (Hannah C.)

This workshop increases awareness regarding the effects of grief on students' social functioning, academic performance, and overall career outlook.  Research has found that more than 30% of college students have experienced a significant loss within the past 48 months.  How a college responds to a student's loss in the first semester after the loss affects overall outcomes for students.  Participants will further their knowledge and insight into the experience of grief on college campuses and strategies to support students.  Contact us if you are part of a college or university interested in a valuable workshop experience for your faculty and staff.   (There is also a presentation available which is a great addition to your Resident Advisors' training!)

“Grief and Healthcare Providers: Assisting Clients and Patients”


What treatment challenges might appear when an established client or patient experiences the death of a loved one?  Trauma training is everywhere, but they frequently do not include grief content: is the grief response the same as the trauma response?  What does research say about gender differences during grief?  How do healthcare providers, the healers of our society, go about their mission when facing their own loss... or not facing their unresolved loss?  In typical fashion, the presenter will engage your heart and mind while increasing your knowledge about assisting your clients and patients during bereavement and their grief journey.  This half-day training will hold your attention and challenge your thinking with lecture, activities, research outcomes, and examples.  

Who should attend: nurses, physicians, mental health clinicians, nursing facility staff, and anyone who would like to increase their knowledge about the course objectives listed.

CEU’s available.

“End of Life Conversations for Families & Professionals”

94% of participants rated the facilitator's skill with regard to the topic as "EXCELLENT."

One participant's comment following a workshop: “Great training on a difficult topic.”

Through lecture, stories, research data, and activities, increase your knowledge and techniques surrounding discussions and difficult questions about end of life.  Is grief a task to endure with finite stages?  Is it acceptable to discuss a terminal illness on the job?  How do we manage conversations with family and co-workers about impending loss or after a death?  This workshop is designed to engage adult family members as well as non-clinical professionals and leave them with meaningful and relevant information.   [A version of this workshop is also available for medical and behavioral healthcare workers and funeral directors.  CEU's available.]

Tuesday, November 14,  


Shelby Senior Center, 33 Broadway Street Shelby, OH

"Coping with Grief at the Holidays" 

The holidays are challenging for those dealing with grief and loss. While others are typically enjoying festivities, people who are grieving struggle with enduring each day leading up to a holiday without a loved one. Encompassing lecture, stories, and educational information, this event is often sponsored by a local Funeral Home or Church and includes a prepared press release.  Your organization is provided with everything needed to give your local community a valuable service at a time it is most needed.