"I found her advice, knowledge of research, and experience in dealing

with an employee passing to be the most helpful.  As an employer,

you need to make sure you handle everything correctly." 

Nicole W., Chief Operating Officer for a healthcare organization



1. We just had the sudden death of a student/teacher/leader/employee and don't know where to begin...how quickly can you provide services?    How business leaders handle the sudden death of an employee or student within the first 48 hours will have long-term impact on the organization as a whole.  This specialized service can be provided via phone, Skype/Zoom, or on-site (method depends on your location and needs.)  We accept calls on weekends and until 8pm EST for these urgent situations.  Initial consultation (under 20 minutes) is provided at no charge.  Fees are then discussed based on your individual needs.  In the case of a sudden loss of employee/student or workplace tragedy, please call (rather than email) to expedite your request at 828-413-7672, 8am -8pm EST.

2. Our group would like to learn where we can serve those dying alone and how to go about serving.  Can you help us find out more information?  Yes, GriefLossEducation can assist you with how to go about this special type of service in your community.  Information about your goals is gathered during a scheduled phone call or meeting.  A plan is then offered with resources and a time line. 

3. I heard you are available to talk with athletic teams and coaches about loss and its affects on performance.  Also, that you meet with coaches about techniques to lead players dealing with loss.  Is this correct?   Yes, presentations, meetings, and team building are available to increase awareness of how death and tragedy affect coaches and athletes.

3. I found your website by looking for grief counselors and personal support...can I contact you for grief counseling? Although we have the credentials and experience to provide this service, this site is not intended for individual grief support. Many local hospices provide free bereavement support to their communities.

4. How do you charge organizations...is it an hourly fee?   Fees are based on what you need.  Do you need a workshop which offers CEU's?  Are you looking for guidance in starting a community grief group?  Perhaps you are a school official wanting to do an in-service for teachers or a professor looking for a guest lecturer.  You can see where one group might need services for two hours and another group over a period of weeks.  Some services can be provided via Skype/Zoom or phone, but others are handled on-site.   Fees are discussed during your initial contact.  Churches that cannot afford the fee may pay any honorarium of their choosing.

5. My community does not have a grief support group and I want to start one.  Can you help me with this?  Yes, GriefLossEducation has helped grassroots community organizations offer support and build meaningful programs for their local citizens.


If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or use our "Contact" page.

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"It was a wonderful, enlightening adventure with you.  Thank you."   R.O.