Soul Injury:

Liberating Unmourned Loss & Unforgiven Guilt

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“Loss can be from the trauma of seeing people killed or killing people, as would be necessary in combat,” Billa said. “Trauma can come from witnessing violent crime, sexual assault, abuse — all different kinds of things can cause these soul injuries. (Grassman) believed that — and I agree wholeheartedly — this information not only applies to our veterans, but to many people in our community, including some who have lived through natural disasters.” 

Interview with Andrew Carter, Reporter, Delaware Gazette, January 2018

Grief Loss Education

Together with Opus Peace and Hospice Foundation of America


"Soul Injury : Liberating Unmourned Loss and Unforgiven Guilt"

The Soul Injury program is for those who have been affected by trauma, grief, war, and abuse, and those who serve Veterans and the dying.  Discover information about how soul restoration includes learning to re-own scattered pieces of self, restoring wholeness.  Soul Injury is designed for healthcare providers, active and retired military, victims of violence and natural disasters, faith-based groups, shelters, and civic organizations.  Those who serve people affected by trauma, family members of military, and hospice organizations have found this program invaluable.  

Comments from a recent workshop participant: “Well explained. Useful. Eye opening.

Stories shared supported subject matter and helped grasp understanding. Thank you!”

The basis for addressing “soul injury” originated with a group of VA hospice nurses who cared for 10,000 dying Veterans. The nurses witnessed “soul injuries” firsthand as they surfaced unbidden on dying combat Veterans.   Founded by Deborah Grassman, CEO of Opus Peace, Soul Injury  features a film by the Opus Peace organization and in-person program facilitation by Amy Billa, MA, LSW, and Vietnam Veteran, Bruce Norman, PhD.

                                              Soul Injury  is a 2 - 3 hour program, which includes the film and live presentation.  

Whether you are a local VFW site, a hospital, civic group, domestic violence shelter, church, or any interested organization, we bring the event to your site and customize the facilitation content and style to meet your needs.   CEU's are available.  To find out more information, or discover how you might talk with someone who has experienced Amy's facilitation of Soul Injury, call 828-413-7672 or email [email protected]  For more information regarding the Opus Peace organization, visit www.opuspeace.org. 

Contact us for program fee information. Scholarships are available for organizations who cannot afford the fee.  Faith-based and veteran groups receive special pricing. 


• Identify and define an overlooked, unassessed wound: Soul Injury.

• Describe the importance of acknowledging and addressing soul injury, especially in at-risk populations.

• Compare and contrast traumatic soul injury, insidious soul injury, PTSD, and moral injury.

• Identify the impact that soul injuries have on family, personal caregivers, and professional caregivers.

• Describe how stoicism, fear of emotional pain, unmourned loss, and unforgiven guilt/shame contribute to the creation and perpetuation of soul injuries.

• Learn how to support others in the cultivation of honesty, courage, and humility to disarm the fearful heart through love, forgiveness, and self-compassion so that personal intimacy can be achieved

• Discuss re-owning and re-homing processes that facilitate Soul Restoration.